noun | \ˈwän-dər-ˌləst\

strong longing for or impulse toward wandering.

Jun 19th

Arche Genesis - I

0149 - Dormitory 43, School of the Ordinary

Apex Predator.

That is what I am and that is what I will always be. For who can take me down? I am at the top of the food chain, the alpha of everything. The most powerful, the most respected. 


Here I am. Mingling with these people. These low lives who know nothing of the reality that they’re going through. The oblivious. The idiotic. If it was by choice, I would have never dared to be a part of this level of society. Unfortunately it is beyond my control. 

Naive. Yes, that is what best describes them. They know nothing of power, of superiority. If they only knew then they’d have bowed down to me. As I gaze down at them, they shall continue to gaze up at me from the heavens. As I rise they grow smaller, farther, lower. 

I do not belong here. Yet here I am…within a society of idiots and innocents. One day they will understand. That I, Xeraphym Arche, must be worshiped, praised and bowed to. For I am, the Apex Predator.

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Crash Landing


The process took less than a few minutes, before the girl’s form seemed to jerk, turning her onto her side as she spluttered and coughed. Water spilled from the lips he had been touching a moment ago, forced from her lungs as Shizuka curled into herself, the reaction causing unfamiliar pressure on her chest that, no, her semi-conscious form didn’t much enjoy. For a while, that was all she did, her body rejecting the unwanted pool water. Until she was left shivering, eyes squeezed shut.

It took a bit more before Shizuka finally dared to open her eyes. Surely, she wasn’t dead. There was no bright, heavenly lights, nor any fire burning at her skin. Nothing. Instead, she found herself staring at someone’s lap. Her eyes dragged upwards, and there he was, someone that had probably just saved her life, considering that the last thing she could remember was crashing into water. Her mouth opened to try and speak, though she wasn’t sure what she wanted to say. Thank you? Not that anything came out. She only managed to cough some more.

When her chest heaved and she started to cough out the pool water Xy relaxed; brushing his forehead with the back of his hand. Adjusting his position yet keeping her head on his lap, he spread his legs onto the grass, slipping his jacket off and putting it around her as he noticed her shiver. “Heh, I’m glad you’re alive, geez why’d you fall out of the sky? You’re ugly wings are big enough to carry you and all you know, you should use them more or at least practice to get a hold of them if you haven’t. What if no one was around to save you? You could have died!” His mouth ran on and on with very little concern about her just waking up and she already wakes up to his nagging. He sighed after, “You need to get changed, you’re going to be cold, you’ll catch a cold. Cold’s are horrible.” His fingers raked through his hair. Finally remembering his manners he smiled just a tiny bit, “Oh, my name’s Xy.”

He wasn’t really expecting her to reply.

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Wildcard’s wait


Jin’s laughter was music to his ears, taking only a few seconds for his face to heat up in red when she kissed him. Kaidou loved it when she did that, the beats of his heart quickening in a manic pace but he didn’t miss any as she continued. Smirking at the flying fruit,”Thanks!”. Jin couldn’t have placed it better, fingers tracing crisscrossing arcs. Contrary to how the mystic did it in the past,there was an absence of the whooshing noise that always accompanied the wind crescents he favored.

He caught the apple, like nothing had happened yet he stayed smirking. The reason for his behavior becoming known after a snap with his free hand,whisking the fruit with a distinct whoosh this time. Instead of it rotating as a whole,slices spiraled out one by one in a clockwork manner. Kaidou couldn’t keep himself from mouthing a “Ta-da.” before snatching a few and proceeding to eat them. “Mmmmmm.”,the mystic hummed in satisfaction,he was glad she could read him perfectly. Feeling nothing short of ecstatic and kissed her on the cheek,red eyes only on her,”You’re the best.”

As usual, Jin watched in amazement. Before she knew it the apple was sliced into pieces. She giggled and shook her head, “Such a magician,” her hand moving to brush his fringes away from her face. It was this small gestures and moments that meant so much to Jin. This was perfect. There was very little need for flare to please Jin but Kaidou would always push past expectations and just really make her happy beyond anything. The kiss he left on her cheek filled her with so much warmth that her blush turned even redder and she smiled all the more. An arm moved to wrap around the other’s arm, head moving to lean against his shoulder while she reached for a piece of an apple and took a bite. “I know I’m the best!” A giggle once again slipping from her lips. There was a grin on her face but soon turned into a serene smile.

For a while there was silence. Nothing but the cold breeze whistled past them; her legs swaying over the ledge where they sat. With him, she knew she need not to fear heights. Besides, she was sure that he’d catch her if she falls.

"Ano, how was your day?"

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Appa? You look like my appa!!!


Kimura kept looking at the girl, and realized…this is getting nowhere for him. He opened his eyes wide and had his jaw dropped after hearing what she said to him. ‘Appa’? For all he knows, his name isn’t ‘Appa’. 

When she hugged the clueless soul, he lost his grip on the books and looked down at her, not noticing that the books were floating in mid-air. “W-Wait a second! Th-the boo-…E-EH!?” the minute he looked up at the floating books, that is where his hair started to stand as if he got electrocuted. “What did I drag myself into!?” he whined in the back of his head and looked down at the girl, pulling of a fearless look. But that failed epically. 

“Ahh, I-I think you got it…mistaken, little g-girl. M-my name…isn’t Appa. It’s Kimura.” he told Ji, looking at her with a very lost look on his face, but manages to flash a smile at her. 

Her brows met at the center of her forehead, “Ehhhh? You’re name’s Kimura???” she puffed her cheeks and shook her head, “I’m pretty sure that appa’s name isn’t Kimura.” His name slipping out with a weird accent, she wasn’t from Japan but from Korea instead. “Sir Humphrey, appa’s name isn’t Kimura right?” There was a pause and then she nodded as if a responding to her imaginary friend. Her gaze then fell back up at the older man again. “But you look like my appa! You really really really really really really look like my appa!” She exclaimed as he bounced a bit, her arms still around Kimura’s arm. “Lemme show you!” She reached into her pocket and showed him a photo of her and her father who looked just like Kimura just with a slight difference in hair color. 

"See? See? See? APPA!!!" 

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You’re not alone…at all


Taking out a book from a shelf, she started to read it to ease her boredom. The book itself seemed ancient and heavy, but it was a good read since she likes to read about the histories of each of the races. It was also to keep something inside of her in check. Lia kept thinking of the demon in her when she started to read. The images of dark souls with fiery eyes appeared, along with hysterical laughter echoing in her thoughts as corpses started to flash in her head. It was her demon doing this, and the more she thinks about it, the more she gets afraid of it possessing her. 

But all of those thoughts disappeared when she was brought back to reality. She shook her head and closed the book before putting it back at its place. The librarian stayed still at her place, looking down before dropping her hand on her side. Why is it disturbing her at this time? All she wanted was peace, just like before. Why now…

She came back to reality when she heard someone calling her. Lia knew that voice, it was him. She really missed that voice of his, not to mention his warmth as well. And right now, the librarian needed him badly; she was afraid. Without hesitation, she walked to him and wrapped her arms around his waist gently in front. “I miss you, Sei.” she spoke, her head resting on his chest. When she did that, she started to feel a little…calm.

With Lia in his arms his features softened. Now he really did look tired and for some strange reason he looked like he had aged. Perhaps it was just the stress but it was evident that he was tired. His arms found its way around her, pulling her closer to him; lips pressed against the top of her head. “I missed you too,” he whispered softly. He was glad she was around, that she was so patient. She never asked what was going on, she never doubted, and the best was, she was always there to welcome him home. A love never fading even if half of it was dipped in mystery, darkness and secrecy. There was no one like her at all. 

He pulled back from the hug and gazed at her, smiling as his hand caressed her cheek, leaning to press a kiss on her forehead. “Seems like you’ve got the library all fixed up eh?” A slight chuckle leaving his lips. 

"I’m sorry for being away for a long time." 

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Crash Landing


Having struck the water at that speed, it was a surprise that she didn’t get a concussion, or, worse yet, died completely. She did, though, pass out, swallowing too much water even when the pool water seemed to part completely for the unconscious form. Shizuka was on her side, her wings spread out behind her, eyes shut, hair and clothes clinging to her. No, she wasn’t okay.

With no response Xy lifted his other hand and lifted her out of the pool, the water falling back into the pool as he now focused on the girl, she was unconscious. Her appearance had him interested all the more, black wings, he thought them interesting. He set her down gently onto the grass and kneels beside her. She was out cold, maybe she had swallowed much water, she could have fell at a great height, the water the only thing that broke her fall. 

Xy brushed her hair away from her face, his first thought was to get her to the infirmary but then again… “Where the fuck is the infirmary?” He muttered under his breath, then shrugging. “I can do this.” He lifted her head up a bit by the neck and leaned forward, based on what he read from books this was called CPR. He’d have used his powers but it was risky. He could be pulling out more liquids than just the pool water and it could kill her. Slowly, gently, he pressed over her chest, hitting them with a bit of force, then leaning in to blow air into her mouth, his soft lips slightly brushing against hers. 

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Wildcard’s wait


“I had a feeling you would.”,was his answer back, no mistaking the grin that his mouth arched into. To Kaidou it came as no surprise that Jin would know exactly where he’d be, unable to keep himself from chuckling,to be honest she knew him better than he did. She was warm as always, a comfort he cherished whilst nuzzling back(hoping the spikes of his hair wouldn’t poke her). Faint starlight could be seen reflecting on his eyes,and with the quietest snap he could manage had them(there were about a dozen of the ethereal lights now) floating beside her. The mystic didn’t want to disturb the atmosphere, the chance to enjoy a peaceful time like this with Jin was a luxury he was lucky to have.

Even if the reflections were gone, his irises stayed alight now gazing at her,the grin settling into a fond smile,”I love you, you know that?” Actions spoke louder than words that was true, but someone like him ought to work on the latter.

This guy had a thing for flare and she liked it. Those past memories of him acting like a mute jester doing all those magic tricks just to make her smile and laugh, he was really quite different. Romantic in his own way, sweet even. But he changed. Not in a bad way but yes, Kaidou did grow up too. Now he was way taller than her and face was sharper, more defined, good looking even. She giggled as the lights seemed to float beside her and he sighed as she closed her eyes just to bask in his presence.

When he moved to look at her, those words that slipped out his mouth just had her surprised still. He was more vocal now as compared before and her cheeks flushed read in an instant. A shy smile appearing on her face, “I know,” she whispered as she leaned in and pressed a kiss on his cheek. Her heart was racing and he was still very much capable of flipping her stomach all over. She settled beside him and threw the apple she brought with her into the air, “Slice and dice, I brought you your favorite snack.” A smile appearing on her face.  

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Crash Landing


It was a freedom like none before. Maybe the winged girl had dreamed of it a couple of times, but never once had she allowed herself to fly this high, wings outstretched without a care in the world. Because, here, no one will suspect that she was abnormal, that she needed to be shot down. Here, she was almost normal. Almost, because, even amongst the mutants, Shizuka was an abnormality with her grossly physical mutation.

That, though, was not something she was dwelling upon as she flew amongst the birds. She couldn’t help the small smile on her face. No matter how much her wings made her feel as though she stood out way too much, she loved this feeling of soaring through the air, as if she weighed nothing, a feather floating. For a moment, she shut her eyes, letting her wings carry her.

Bad idea.

When she next opened her eyes, a crow was flying straight at her, squawking. A sharp intake of breath, and Shizuka spun out of the crow’s path. But it was too late. Her focus was lost. That was the one thing about her wings. She couldn’t control them consciously. Her wings were giving a few pathetic flaps that weren’t bringing her upright, and soon she was heading straight towards ground level. She tried to think fast, but she was so very frightened. It wasn’t until last minute that her eyes caught sight of the pool, and she tried to redirect herself towards there. It was still a hard landing, falling from so high against the surface of the water, but it was better than ground.

She sunk to the bottom of the pool.

It was high time that something happened around this place. He was getting bored but that thought of a new library with more appropriate and more interesting books had him drawn to it. He had been starting to read and he chose out doors to be the most convenient place to read. The whole place was huge there was so much space to the point he thought someone was bound to get lost.

He walked along the pathway that led all the way to the outdoor pool. He had found that place by mistake, during his wanderings and he found it as one of the best spots to get some reading done. “This place needs a damn map.” He muttered under his breath as he made a turn at one corner only to end up somewhere he never had set foot on. “Fuck. This isn’t it. Fine.” Without second thoughts, he shot up into the sky, getting a good birds eye view of the property. A grin appears when he sees the pool yet another thing had caught his eye. Something was falling, he couldn’t really tell and he had spotted her all to late to zoom in to catch instead he flew right towards the pool, getting back on his feet. Puzzled by the huge object that did make a splash, and judging by it could only mean that it could be human had caught his curiosity. Xy stretched out his hand and with a wave gently pushed the pool water aside, revealing a girl.

"Oi! Are you okay?!?"

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Appa? You look like my appa!!!


Just when he thought his day could get even better…his face turned red as he tried to hold himself from freaking out after something, or rather someone, hugged his leg. He cocked his head to his left and looked down at his leg, and boom! A girl was on his leg surprisingly. The clueless looking man blinked at her and had his mouth open.

“Ahh, h-hello there?” he asked the girl that was still clinging to his leg. The something hit him on the head, the name she mentioned. With his head filled with so much confusion, he started to look around for this “Sir Humphrey” guy frantically. To his surprise…there was only him and this new girl. Freak out mode; activated but on hold. 

He looked down at the other again and gulped. “S-She must be seeing things…right?” he thought at the back of his head, before he introduced himself - nervously. “A-Ahh, n-n-nice to meet you, Ji…Jiji…Yoonji. Th-The name’s K-Kimura by the way. You can call me…uhh, Kim. Yeah, Kim.” he let out a nervous chuckle, as always. 

All the more her eyes widened when she heard a voice and she glanced up, “THE BOOKS TALK TOO?!?!” she exclaimed only to find herself looking at a guy. She blinked, once, twice, thrice. Then she jumped back, and just stared, for the longest time she did until that surprised looked slowly turning into a huge bright smile, she was radiating, “APPA!” She blurted out as she threw her arms around Kimura not minding about the books because she knew that Sir Humphrey was going to catch them, and it did, the books were held in place in mid air. 

She nuzzled against the other’s arm, “Appa appa appa appa! YOu’re here! You’re really here!” Not even daring to let go of Kimura at all. Though her father wasn’t even named Kim, that small detail seemed to have not been heard by the “little” girl. 

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You’re not alone…at all


It was the start of a new day, and the library in the institution’s premises was already set in place. Cleaner and neater than it was before, the place still looked a little dark. But in a few seconds, it was brightly lit from the sun’s light thanks to someone who opened the windows. Now the library looked…alive. 

Breathing in the fresh air in the library, the librarian stretched her arms upwards and a soft smile appeared on her face as she felt the chilling breeze crawl on her skin. It made her grab her jacket that was nearby as she wrapped herself in it. The breeze was that cool, even she felt cold with her jacket on. But she didn’t mind it at all since it’s that peaceful in this library she was in. 

Which got her wondering about someone who got out with a stack of books. She huffed and leaned on the counter. “I hope he’s alright.” she spoke softly and looked around, before walking around the library. Being alone in the library sometimes can be boring, especially when there’s no one to talk to. 

Where had he gone this time? Seito was a traveler, he had always been one since after the war and now he’d been going around doing things. Things he never spoke to anyone, things he kept locked up inside his own head. He had just arrived from his recent travels, reappearing in his usual puff of purple smoke. He was aware of the new people that were to come to the school and was all the more excited. Suppose he meet everyone one of these days. He was sure that Jin had kept everything in order in his office for him. She had been under his care for a long time now and insisted on assisting him in his duties not that she knew anything of course.

Dark circles formed under his eyes and his charred button up shirt was enough evidence that he had gotten a bit roughed up. A little skirmish not long ago. His hair had grown longer, now messy. He pushed his frames and fixed them on the bridge of his nose there was someone he had to say hello to. The last he saw her was when she had found him buried behind a towers and towers of books. His research though had come in handy and did help a lot. A smile slowly tugged against the side of his lips, it was good to be home. The fresh air, the nice green grass, it was all just amazing.

Deciding to leave his visit to his own office for later, he found himself pushing the library doors open. Head peeking through the gap in the door, purples eyes shining in the shadows produced by the rays of sunlight. “Lia? Are you here?” He called out, now slipping inside the library, his hands pushing his sleeves up, a growing habit.